Tech Communications & Special Projects

Medical VR Start-Up

Client: Aloha VR
 Copywriting and Editorial Consulting

Role and Responsibilities: I'm working with a San Francisco Bay-area physician who is using virtual reality experiences with patients at assisted living facilities to help alleviate anxiety, depression and chronic pain. I've written web content, a story to help generate media coverage for the initiative and a fundraising video script. 

Consumer Guide to VR Sound Design

Client: University of Washington Technical Writing Program
Research, Reporting, Writing

Role and Responsibilities: While enrolled in UW's Professional Technical Writing Program, I was tasked with writing a consumer-targeted article that explained how VR sound designers use digital audio processing and the dynamics of human hearing to create immersive auditory experiences for users in VR environments. I produced the piece as an e-publication and as an online resource, supplemented with supporting video. Experience it here


Captiva Island Feature Film

Client: Bush Entertainment, Inc.

capposterRole and Responsibilities: A producer friend of mine knew a director who was looking for a writer to script his first feature film. Cut to: my fingers flying over the keyboard, writing a family-friendly, coming-of-age story about a young boy from the big city who learns how to follow his dreams from a band of free-wheeling retirees in a small beach town.

The retirees were led by Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine. It was great fun. FreMantle Int'l/All-American Television acquired the rights and distributed the film to 36 countries, and it was translated into four languages. It also aired domestically on HBO Family and Showtime.  

Chasing Echoes: A Novel

ceWanting to expand my writing experience and take a deep dive into story, I adapted this novel from a screenplay I had written that was fortunate enough to garner numerous film industry awards, including finishing among the top of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Nicholl Fellowship Program competition. It was definitely a challenge and a joy.

It tells the story of a devastating family secret that unravels between an estranged sister and brother on the backroads of the South after their father dies. Here is more information:

Consumer eHealth News

 Reuters eHealth News

zm6Role and Responsibilities:, a B2B tech startup, called on me to help develop and deliver a daily webcast of consumer health news in conjunction with Reuters Health. We converted Reuters Health's news feed into streaming media for delivery to consumer-facing healthcare sites on a subscription basis.