Special Projects

Someone to Watch Over: A Novel

“With lovingly flawed characters and a touch of the paranormal, SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER is a heartfelt story about the complicated relationships within a family and the healing power of truth. I could not put it down!” — Kelli Estes, USA Today bestselling author of TODAY WE GO HOME and THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK

Winner of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association 2019 Rising Star Award, my debut novel, Someone to Watch Over, is a redemptive story of heartbreak, hope and healing. Available on Amazon, B&N, IndieBound.org and wherever books are sold.




Captiva Island Feature Film
Client: Bush Entertainment, Inc.
Project: Screenwriting

Opening shot: a longtime producer friend of mine knew a director looking for a writer to script his first feature film. Cut to: my fingers flying over the keyboard, writing a family-friendly, coming-of-age story about a young boy from the big city who learns how to follow his dreams from a band of fun-loving retirees in a small beach town.

The retirees were led by Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine and Hollywood veterans Bill Cobbs and Arte Johnson. It was great fun and full of encouraging messages for kids. FreMantle Int’l/All-American Television acquired the rights and distributed the film to 36 countries, and it was translated into four languages. It also aired domestically on HBO Family, Starz and Showtime.


Consumer-facing VR Sound Design ePub
Project: Research, Writing

Role and Responsibilities: While completing the University of Washington’s Professional Technical Writing Program, I was tasked with writing a consumer-targeted article that explained how VR sound designers use digital audio processing and the dynamics of human hearing to create immersive auditory experiences for users in VR environments. I produced the piece as an e-publication and as an online resource, supplemented with supporting video.